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Follow Me: A 30-Day Walk with Jesus
Second Edition Now Available!


In Follow Me: A 30-Day Walk with Jesus,

author Dave Rector has responded to God’s invitation—received in a private revelation described in the book—to help others come closer to our Lord. Relying not only on scripture, but specifically on Jesus’ own words (as directed in the revelation), Rector provides a modern day perspective and takes readers through a series of daily activities that offer a more personal encounter with Jesus and the opportunity to deepen their faith.


The activities, presented in three 10-day cycles, help readers explore topics including prayer, forgiveness, how to help others in today’s world, various forms of charity, using scripture and following the Lord more closely.

For those of all faiths, "Follow Me" has received the Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur from the Catholic Church.

Those looking to enrich an existing relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as those looking to explore a relationship with our Lord for the first time, will be lead to:

  1. Know Jesus better

  2. See Him at work in your life

  3. Find peace

  4. Become more open and giving

  5. Discover your passion: a new or renewed mission

  6. Be energized to act

  7. Start to live your life with all the Wonder, Joy, Abundance, and Love that He intended

Now Only $18.95

About the Author

Dave is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband, father, youth baseball coach, Pastoral Council member and Bible Study Ministry leader. A successful entrepreneur, he has served both start-up companies and some of the world’s leading organizations as a consultant, marketing strategist, writer, video producer and creative director.


A prolific writer, Dave has worked in virtually every format from marketing, feature articles, and general fiction to children’s fiction and spiritual literature.

Dave has been honored with 75 national and international business awards for writing, production and creative excellence. He has held board positions in church and sports organizations, not-for-profit and for-profit companies.

Dave is available for virtual and in-person speaking engagements.

For more information visit

Comments or Questions? Contact Dave directly by emailing

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